1. What training products does conferencesguru offer?

Conferencesguru offers participant a wide range of webinars and webinar materials to choose from:

  • Live Webinar

    Live webinars are interactive session hosted on internet at a pre-arranged time. These webinars can be customized. Live webinars stretch for 60-90 minutes in general. After the session is completed, participants get chance to interact with the speaker through audio or chat. The speaker responds to your questions on time.

  • Recorded webinars

    Recorded webinars are recorded versions of live webinars. Attendees can attend them as per their time and availability.

  • Transcript

    Online transcripts are downloadable written material of recorded webinars. It assists attendees to keep pace with the webinars or the speaker. These can be downloaded in pdf format.

  • DVDs

    Participants can get access to DVDs that contain audio, video and presentation of the webinar used by the speaker on his slides.

2. How to Register?
  • You can register for webinars and webinar materials using the following methods:

  • Online Registration: You can register by filling up registration form available on our website.

  • Via PHONE: You can also register manually with our friendly customer support’s assistance. Contact us at +1-800-803-7592.

  • Fax/E-Mail: To register through fax or email, all you need to do is drop an application form and fax it to +1-800-803-7592. or email us with your registration request to cs@conferencesguru.com

3. Can I ask a question during or after live webinar?
  • Yes, attendees can certainly put up questions at the end of the session and wait for the speaker to answer. You can send your question via email or ‘chat’ option available on your screen during live sessions.

4. What if I cannot attend the live Webinar/Audio-Conference/Workshop?
  • You can order the recorded versions available in form of DVD, Transcripts, On Demand and Digital Download.

5. When and how will I receive information about participating in the live webinar session?
  • You will receive the following details 48 hours prior to scheduled live webinar session:

  • Dial in- instructions to access the webinar you opted for. This can be done via phone.

    Details of the link that you can access using an electronic device that is compatible for audio-visuals.

  • You can download links and password of the webinars from the webinar page available on the website.

    You can cross check your junk/spa, folder in case an email is sent to you with instructions for joining the live webinar session prior to the scheduled date and time.

6. How late can I register for a Webinar?
  • You can register up to 30 minutes prior to the scheduled date and time of the webinar that you wish to attend. You can keep in touch of our customer support team to get the Dial-In instructions.

7. How much does it take to receive a DVD?
  • It generally takes 2-3 weeks for DVD after the scheduled live webinar session to reach your destination. In case you need a faster delivery, you can contact our customer support team; delivery carries extra charges of $30. In case you are outside US or you wish to receive DVD outside US, it takes extra shipping charges to deliver DVDs at your destination.

8. When will I receive my e-transcript?
  • You get an e-transcript 1 or 2 weeks after the scheduled live webinar session.